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Business Acquisition Intelligence (B.A.I.)

We Believe Buying & Selling Businesses Should Be Easier For Everyone.

After buying, selling, starting, & growing businesses over the past decade, we developed a better way for all parties involved. Our solution is based around standard business acquisition practices, real business buying & selling experiences, business & financial education, and good ol' entrepreneurial spirit. All backed by the latest in Business Intelligence Software and Technology.

Our 6 Point Analysis Includes:



4 Points Of Financial Valuations & Pro-Forma Analytics For Successful Negotiations



Comprehensive Financial Control KPI's, Ratios, Debt, & Asset Analysis



Detailed Cost Analysis Of All Aspects Of Business & Industry Comparisons



Every Source Of Income Analyzed Specifically To Sources, Types, Industry, & Segments



Business Functions Including Technology, Processes, HR, & Efficiencies Analyzed



All-Inclusive Marketing, Customer Acquisitions, Branding, Web, & Perspective Score Analytics

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Business Info At A Glance

Equity Works comes packed with easy to read business information all inside of your own unique portal. Allowing you to share information about your business to specific parties.

Analytic Intelligence

Not only financial information. We analyze the entire business – historical, present, & future – & dashboard all data KPI’s including marketing, HR, web, financials, efficiencies, & more.

Extensive Documentation

You’re never in the dark about the information & methods we used to analyze & present the data to you. All of the documentation we used is available to you inside your Equity Works Hub.

Simplify The Acquisition Process

Before Equity Works

Acquiring, Organizing, & Analyzing business documents such income statements, balance sheets, tax returns, & general ledgers takes a LOT of time. Comparing all of the data & presenting it neatly takes even more time. 

buy & sell business software analytics acquisitions buy & sell business software analytics acquisitions

With Equity Works

Not only do we gather data FOR YOU, but we analyze it neatly, cleanly, & include aspects that aren’t normally available such as marketing data, website analytics, customer analysis, process efficiencies, and more.







Entire Business Data At A Glance

Experience true business acquisition intelligence today!

buy & sell business software analytics acquisitions
buy & sell business software analytics acquisitions

Built By Experienced Pros

We don’t just stop at providing Business Acquisition Intelligence, we go further by providing all business information to you in one, simple interface. Our Equity Works Hub gives you access to all dashboards & allows you to store files while communicating & sharing with interested parties.

You also gain the capability of Upgrading parts of the business for improved profitability with solutions DONE FOR YOUat big discounts!

buy & sell business software analytics acquisitions
Business Overview Screen

All The Essentials On One Screen

When you are buying, or selling, a business – you are often presented with dozens (or hundreds) of pages of financial reports, paragraphs of text, & information about ownership structures.

Equity Works Shows you every aspect of the business for sale in an easy to understand manner by incorporating ALL business data into one, simple, platform.

The first screen of your Equity Works Hub shows you a fast overview of the business. Including ownership, valuations, earnings, & more.

Deep Data Without All The Digging

Equity Works Points Of Analysis

We do all of the digging FOR YOU & present vital business analytics on each screen of your Equity Works Hub.

Each screen presents analytics & KPI’s about every aspect of the business for sale. The screen shown is our COMMAND point analysis, showing deep data about financial business stats.

Need more analysis? Simply submit a special request to our experts & we will get the data & crunch the numbers for whatever stat you are wanting to see.

buy & sell business software analytics acquisitions
buy & sell business software analytics acquisitions
Files & Documentation With Permissions

Share Vital Business Documents Centrally & Securely

Equity Works Hubs function not only as KPI dashboards for business acquisitions – they also provide a complete platform for buying & selling businesses with all parties involved.

With Equity Works, You can:

  • Store & Share Files with Specific Parties
  • Set Restrictions for who can view & download files
  • Organize all of your business’s files in one place
  • And More!

No Storage Limits|User-Specific Permissions|Store Offers & LOI’s|Drag & Drop

Communications & Special Requests

Centralized Party Communication

Keep all of your communications between buyers, sellers, & brokers securely in ONE place!

You’ll get an email alert any time someone messages you in your Equity Works Hub. Handle negotiations, questions, & more with access permission restrictions for each individual business and/or party involved.

Special requests for more information? No problem! Just click the “Expert Help” messaging toolbar & instantly submit a request to our team to find out more information, diligence, or documentation showing each KPI calculation.

buy & sell business software analytics acquisitions
buy & sell business software analytics acquisitions
Upgrades & Improvements

Business Improvement Opportunities

See Upgrade-able options for each business, & have them implemented for you.

By utilizing our expansive network of businesses & professionals, Equity Works can improve nearly every aspect of businesses for sale. Our network includes businesses in the areas of marketing, finance, technology, sales, & management.

Before, or after, the sale of the business – you have the option of having professional & proven business upgrades implemented for you at discounted market rates.

These upgrades are provided by our network of companies using proven solutions with professional results that actually improve the profitability, & increase the value of the business for sale.

Backed By Experienced Entrepreneurs

Business Experience

Our team has over 12 years of experience starting, growing, investing, buying, & selling businesses across industries in multiple sectors.

Financial Education

From advanced degrees in business, finance, marketing, & tech - to real world experiences, we have the knowledge to back up our solutions.

Technological Achievements

By utilizing the latest in data & intelligence software technology, we are capable of analyzing business opportunities of any size, using nearly any data source.

Industry Knowledge

Our various entities have worked with over 4,000 businesses providing financial, marketing, growth, technology, consulting, process, & management solutions.

Entrepreneurial Acumen

Equity Works's drive to succeed for our clients is fueled by our own experiences of growing, buying, & selling our own businesses with profitable results.

Growth Through Service

24/7 expert support comes with everything we do, & we back our service with a satisfaction guarantee or we will make it right - Analytics WITH Action.