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How Do We Get Business Data For Our Analytics?

At this point you might be wondering how we get all of the data we use for our analytics & what makes us so special. Our process is simpler than it sounds, & we have a lot of knowledge & experience in the world of business.

See Our Process

Success= (Knowledge+Experience) x Action

Equity Works’s team has deep-rooted experiences in business & entrepreneurship. Including starting, growing, buying, & selling businesses over a decade.

We Start With You In Mind

Our process of obtaining business data is simple & it all starts with the goal of the party who requested our services. Equity Works Analytics can be ordered by any party involved – Business Owner, Prospective Buyer, Broker, or Financial Professional. Our Analytics are specifically geared towards the outcome desired – Acquisition, Investment, Improvements, or Feasibility. 

1. Initial Request

Communication with you to determine what you want to achieve & our pricing quote is given to you.

3. Data Mining

We go to work by getting all of the data we require from the business. (If you are the owner, fantastic!)

2. Contract & NDA

Mutual service & non-disclosure agreements are delivered (no worries, they are simple & single page).

4. Deploy & Support

Equity Works Hub is launched, all parties are notified, & we stay on 24/7 for training, support, & requests.

Quality Service = Excellent Results

We Gather Data Through Friendly Client Communication & Technology

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We begin by working directly with business owners to gather all information about the business being analyzed. This data includes ownership, structure, historical timelines, key events, product, location, employees & more. We do this through a combination of our service team & utilizing our Equity Works Hub of Communication & put all documentation in our hub.


Utilizing our Equity Works Technology, we collect every ounce of financial report data – even if it’s not prepared – we prepare & comb through financial statements, reports, ledgers, bank & credit statements, & more. Our Equity Works Business Questionnaire is also used to walk through every aspect of the business quickly & efficiently.


Our Equity Works Tech Team builds connections to software & IT databases that include accounting, CRM, ERP, IT, website, analytics, inventory, HR, & more. Our technology allows us to pull data from literally anywhere – online, or in house – & map it to the format needed for our analytics platform. Even if it’s paper-based – we still utilize it!


We gain secure permission access to professional providers involved with the business for even more data – CPA’s, Attorneys, Agents, Insurance Providers, Banks, & More. This allows us to gather information that may not be on hand for business owners. Through thorough background research, we are able to include even more data in our analytics.


Our partnerships with leading industry research & publication organizations allow us to gather relevant data about the business, as well as industry statistics & informative research to include in our demographic, geographic, & industrial comparisons. In other words, we don’t just “Google it,” – our research analysts dive deep for surety of data.


Part of our 6 Point Analysis includes perspectives & experiences from marketing, web, customer, & competitive angles. We source this data from extensive research into how each business gains, captures, & keeps attention – including competitor research, customer experiences, surveys, web marketing, statistical data, & more. Our experience is your gain. 

Extensive Documentation

Included in every analysis is our source & method documentation that backs up every detail for your review.

Securely Restricted

From the latest in digital security, to data user access restrictions, your information is always protected.

Why Equity Works?

Business Experience

Our team has over 12 years of experience starting, growing, investing, buying, & selling businesses across industries in multiple sectors.

Financial Education

From advanced degrees in business, finance, marketing, & tech - to real world experiences, we have the knowledge to back up our solutions.

Technological Achievements

By utilizing the latest in data & intelligence software technology, we are capable of analyzing business opportunities of any size, using nearly any data source.

Industry Knowledge

Our various entities have worked with over 4,000 businesses providing financial, marketing, growth, technology, consulting, process, & management solutions.

Entrepreneurial Acumen

Equity Works's drive to succeed for our clients is fueled by our own experiences of growing, buying, & selling our own businesses with profitable results.

Growth Through Service

24/7 expert support comes with everything we do, & we back our service with a satisfaction guarantee or we will make it right - Analytics WITH Action.

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