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Our Points Of Analysis

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We do the work for you. Getting all data from your business to present for sale.

Quality Analytics

Our team uses the latest methods & technology to show all aspects of business.

Forecast Modeling

Pro-Forma Financials & business scenario forecasting on the fly, with custom requests.


All of our analytics are well-documented for review & documentation stored securely.


Valuations & Earnings Analytics Dashboard

Power To Achieve

Valuations & Earnings

The financial value of a business determines its ability to achieve more & push forward. We show you four different values of businesses for sale: Asset Value, Equity Value, Market Value, & Upgrade Value.

Our valuations are calculated using popular financial & industry methodology including multiples of earnings, assets to liabilities, ROI / earnings percentages, equity holding investment, marketability, proforma, & improvement possibilities. We also take into perspective what a new business owner will face moving forward & include in our analysis.

Asset Valuations
  • Direct Cash Costs of Recreating Business
  • Assets to Liabilities Analysis Calculations
  • Business Liquidity Analysis & Comps
  • Taxes, Financial Statements, Balances
  • Fair Market Values & Comparison Stats
Equity Valuations
  • ROI % of Investment Earnings of Business
  • Ability to Produce Income Pro-Formally
  • YOY Value Generation Analysis Stats
  • Return on Capital Investments in Business
  • Taxes, GL, Charts, Financial Statements, Etc.
Market Valuations
  • Industry Multiples of True Business Earnings
  • Owner’s Discretionary Earnings Analysis
  • True Health, Profitability, & Transferability
  • Market Specific Valuation Analysis & Multiples
  • Financial Statements, Balances, Taxes, Etc.
Upgrade Valuations
  • Unique Values Based on Comparable Sales
  • Tech, Processes, Marketing, & Growth Scores
  • Improvement Forward Analysis Valuations
  • Real Entrepreneur Perspective Score KPI’s
  • Competitive Growth Analysis Scores


Market Value


Asset Value

Equity %


Cash Flow : Debt


Experience The Power
Of Knowing Instantly

Our Power Analysis Points are determined using industry leading methods & technology that show you exactly where businesses have been, where they are today, & what they will produce moving forward under new ownership.

Most business valuations & appraisals today stop at only providing asset & market valuations based upon multiples with industry codes. Our valuations present data analysis on real-world perspectives from actual entrepreneurs coupled with popular, proven valuation methods.


Business Controls, Ratios, & Real-World Standings

Financial Control Determines Command

True Business Reality

Control over business finances determines Command to make things happen. We include a comprehensive look at what it takes to operate with far more than just accounting & balance sheets by showing you the Reality of how the business stands that give control over what’s next.

Most businesses wait for a CPA to determine true costs & profitability points. Our Analysis includes in-depth snapshots that show all points of how businesses command cash-flows. These include ratios, business costs, margin percentages, profits, AR/AP, return on assets, earnings, EBIDTA, break-evens, & our own exclusive R.E.A.L.ity metric.

In-Depth Earnings
  • Discretionary Earnings YOY & Pro-Forma
  • Gross & Net Margins Across Revenue Channels
  • True Operating Profits Historic & Pro-Forma
  • EBIDTA YOY & Market Statistic Analysis
  • Net Profit Analysis Historic & Pro-Formally
Financial Controls
  • Common-Size Industry % Comparisons
  • Break-Even Revenues by Day/Month/Year
  • Category Specific Return On Investment %
  • Accounts Receivable % & Turnover Averages
  • Y.O.Y. Revenue Generation & Growth %
Financial Ratios
  • Cash Flow To Debt Capabilities
  • Short-Term (Quick) Ratio Analysis
  • Common Size Cash Industry Comparisons
  • Return On Asset & Investment Percentages
  • Current Ratio Comparisons To Debt/Assets
Business R.E.A.L.ity
  • Revenue, Equity, Assets, & Liabilities
  • Determines Business Liquid Capital Capacity
  • KPI’s Show Months Per Dollar Health (MPD)
  • Real-Time Business Health Scores
  • On-Fly Business Investment Suggestions


Yearly Break Even Costs


Monthly Liquid Cash Generation

Net Margin


Gross Margin


Financial Command
Snapshots Of Control

No other business analysis platform shows you the level of detail in ways that Equity Works does. Our Command Point analysis utilizes business data far beyond that of just financial statements & accounting reports.

We believe before a business can be bought, or sold, every detail about the business should be available to interested parties in ways that are easy to understand, & don’t take months of time to determine. You wouldn’t buy a car without checking the facts available about the vehicle, including where it’s been, & how far it will go. The same applies to buying a business.


Expense & Resource Analysis With Efficiencies & Industry Comparisons

Every Business Consumes Resources

Expense Analysis

Every business Consumes resources to stay alive & fuel growth, which determines true perspectives over the vitality of its endeavors. Our analysis shows you detailed information about all areas of expenses within the business including efficiency points & percentages to revenue for every category of expenses.

By utilizing industry databases & information about the business at hand, Equity Works is able to analyze percentage comparisons to relevant data of businesses within similar classification codes. You gain easy access to snapshots of business performance without having to research on your own or rely on web results to determine.

Cost Of Goods Details
  • YOY & Current COGS Break-Downs
  • COGS to Revenue % Comparisons
  • Industry Specific Percentage Spreads
  • Detailed Margin Analysis & Effort Dollars
  • Statements, Ledgers, Vendors, Etc.
Entire Expense Analytics
  • Business Expense Category Analytics
  • Direct / Indirect Specific Calculations
  • % KPI Metric Comparisons
  • Proforma Breakouts & Relevancy Points
  • YOY & Monthly Comparison Breakouts
Relevant (Direct) Costs
  • Business Direct Cost Breakdowns
  • Relevancy & Proforma Analytic Models
  • Common Size Industry Code Comparisons
  • Complete Exclusion of Discretionary Costs
  • Efficiency Breakdowns Per Category
Payroll & Vendor Costs
  • Vendor-Specific Analytics & Breakouts
  • Employee & Payroll Efficiency Analytics
  • KPI % To Revenue & Cash Earned Points
  • Vendor Detail Expense Comparisons
  • Cost-Reduction & Proforma Improvements


YTD Cost Of Goods Sold


Monthly AVG COGS

COGS % of Rev


Industry Average


True Business Expense
Consumption Analytics

All too often business owners & prospective buyers/investors have to rely on static accounting reports to determine the amount of cash a business consumes to operate. Equity Works details out each expense not only by category, but also by percentages to revenue, industry comparisons, & efficiency KPI’s.

Leave the calculator at the desk & dive deeper into business expense data with our Consumption Point Analytic Dashboards done for you each time, accurately & dependably. See specific expenses & products purchased from vendors, payroll dollars to revenue earned, COGS breakdowns, & more.


Revenue Generation & Income Source Analytics

See Revenue Sources Instantly

Revenue Generation

If cash is king in the world of business, then sales is queen, & we all know who is really in charge. Revenue generation determines the Fuel a business has to get where it needs to go. Our analysis shows you every aspect of when & how businesses generate revenue. Including top customer analysis, product/service breakdowns, timelines, market saturation, demographics, geographic locations, & much more.

Before a business can be acquired, it is essential to see all sources & methods of revenue generation. We break down not only sources, but also efficiency percentages of each source. So you can determine the Fuel required.

Revenue Generation
  • Historic, Present, & Pro-Forma Revenue
  • YOY & Monthly Growth Analytics
  • Product/Service Revenue Generation
  • Future Revenue Forecasting Models
  • Sustainability Analytic KPI’s
Detailed Saturations
  • Competitive Saturation Comparisons
  • Industry Revenue Source Metrics
  • Geographic Location Revenue Sources
  • Demographic Detail Market Rates
  • Saturation Efficiency Rates
Customer Analytics
  • Top Customer Saturation Metrics
  • Size, Industry, & Geographic Breakdowns
  • Active, Inactive, & Potential Analytics
  • Repeat Customer Revenue Rates
  • Pay Method & AR Turnover Comparisons
Channel Sources
  • Revenue Sales Source Channel Breakdowns
  • # Of Customers Per Source Generated
  • Methodology Of Revenue Source %-tages
  • Geographic Source Determination KPI’s
  • Asset To Revenue Metric Analytics


2015 - YTD Total Revenue


Real-Time YTD Revenue

Top 10 Customer %


% Within 20 Miles


See Where Every $ Comes From

Our Revenue Analysis of businesses for sale will show you aspects that are normally not available up front. We analyze each & every customer, product, service, & source to determine pro-forma forecasts.

Examples of what our Fuel Point shows: Industry saturation rates, sources of revenue generated, overall revenue dollar amounts, customer business size, locations, methods used to generate dollars, & much more. We believe business owners & potential buyers gain a better understanding of the business at hand by seeing where each dollar comes from.


The Foundational Processes Of Business Structures

Efficient Processes = Success

Maximum Efficiencies

The Frame of a business includes its technology & processes working together to ensure customer experiences are efficient & profitable. Our analysis includes an in-depth look at what it takes to operate the business on all levels, including automation & efficiency scores based upon key level business structures.

Business owners may not realize the amount of steps needed to complete core business procedures, or that there are other options for insurance & processing fees. We get all of the details using our proven methods, & display them for you via our Analytics Hub.

Business Process Analysis
  • Standard Operating Procedure KPI’s
  • Core Business Function Efficiencies
  • Steps To Task Completion Analytics
  • Production Process Analysis
  • Sourcing, Inventory, & More.
Software & Technology
  • IT & Data Storage Break-Fix KPI’s
  • Technology Efficiency Matrices
  • IT Asset Lists & Function Breakdowns
  • Software Function Analysis
  • Software Efficiency & Improvements
Insurance & Processing Fees
  • Detailed Insurance Cost Analysis
  • Alternative Improvement Suggestions
  • Payment Processing Cost Analytics
  • Revenue Collection Efficiencies
  • Insurance Feasibility Scores
Employee Efficiencies
  • Employee & Job Duties List Breakdown
  • Time-To-Completion Tasks Efficiencies
  • HR Process Analysis, New Hires, Etc.
  • Employee Benefit To Cost Analytics
  • Retirement, Insurance, & Longevity


Total Liability Insurance Limit Coverage


Yearly Credit Card Processing Costs

Process Efficiency %


Avg. Production Efficiency


Technology, Software
& Process Analytics

Prospective buyers & investors of businesses typically want to know what it takes to operate the business on procedural levels. Gaining a true perspective of business efficiency can take months of analysis to determine. We show you efficiency scores based upon time to completion, costs to benefits, employee analytics, & more.

Our team has over 18 years of experience in the world of Information Technology & Software – allowing us to dive deeper into business processes faster. Improvements scores are based upon industry comparisons & quotes from our network of Insurance & solution providers.


Sales, Marketing, & Customer Perspectives

How Does It Look?

Marketing At A Glance

Today’s world of Marketing & Advertising changes by the minute. From digital advertising automation trends, to old-fashioned physical media – businesses must stay on top of the changing market to keep new business coming in, & existing business profitable.

Our AERO analysis takes all channels into perspective & shows you how well a business is perceived by its audience. This includes detailed cost structures, ROI on advertising methods, digital marketing, & our own exclusive Perspective Scores that includes viewpoints of experienced marketing professionals.

Digital Marketing
  • Website Efficiency & Design KPI’s
  • Digital Marketing Method Analysis
  • Social Media Presence Breakdowns
  • SEO & Keyword Effectiveness
  • Web Traffic & Source Analytics
Marketing Saturations
  • Marketing Effectiveness Per Industry
  • Customer Demographic Sources
  • New Customer Source Efficiencies
  • Detailed Saturation Percentages
  • Competitive Tracking Analytics
Acquisition & Retention
  • Customer Acquisition Costs Breakdown
  • Existing Customer Retention Analytics
  • ROI Across Each Marketing Channel
  • Customer Acquisition Source Efficiencies
  • Improvement Model & Pro-Forma KPI’s
Efficiency & Perspective
  • Professional Marketing Perspectives 
  • 20 Point Marketing Strength Scores
  • Customer Satisfaction Percentages
  • Branding Perspective Analytics
  • Comprehensive SWOT Analysis


2017 Total Advertising Costs


Real-Time Monthly Digital Marketing Costs

Digital Marketing ROI


Customer Retention %


See Audience Viewpoints

We call Marketing & Advertising a business’s AEROdynamics – or, how well the business navigates through attaining new customers, retaining existing ones, & overall perspectives of each marketing method. Not only do you gain a snapshot, you also get professional perspective scores from actual Experienced Marketing Professionals.

Our AERO analysis includes detailed costs of marketing & compares to efficiencies, effectiveness, & gauges how smoothly goals are accomplished. This includes all forms of marketing, including social media, web, SEO, print, outdoor, & email.


Business Improvement Opportunities

Business Improvement Opportunities

Pro-Forma Re-Defined

During the process of Analyzing businesses, we notice areas that can be improved upon using industry-leading solutions that improve profitability, pro-forma performance, & actually increase the value of the business.

We call these Upgrade Points – by utilizing our network of business holdings & partnerships, we are able to provide these Upgrades at massive discounts & make them available before or after the sale or investment.

Financial & Cost Solutions
  • Insurance/Processing Cost Reduction
  • Cost Of Goods Sourcing Costs
  • Debt Re-Structuring Cost Savings
  • Asset Liquidation For Profits
  • Inventory Management Solutions
Tech/Software & Process Upgrades
  • Business Process Development
  • Software Development & Solutions
  • IT Infrastructure Implementations
  • Data / Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • IT/Hardware Replacement Discounts
Marketing & Advertising Upgrades
  • Web Presence Design & Develop
  • Promotional Product Cost Savings
  • Digital Advertising Solutions
  • Branding / Image Developments
  • Print, Design, & Outdoor Mktg.
Sales, HR, & Product Improvements
  • Lead Management & Generation
  • Sales Training & Implementation
  • Employment Sourcing Solutions
  • Product Development Strategies
  • Employee Benefit Solutions


Cost Savings Per Year With Upgrades


Insurance & Processing Annual Cost Upgrade Savings

Annual Revenue Increase


HR & Overhead Reduction


Business Upgrades That Work

In our experience, many businesses for sale aren’t completely ready for new-ownership to take over. In many cases, business owners are providing key job-functions in the business, making them difficult to replace. Other costs & structures are often tied to the local community, or aren’t automated.

Our network of businesses provide leading solutions to improve nearly every aspect of businesses. From marketing, advertising, & sales – to process, technology, & structure. We show these Upgrade opportunities & make them available easily to any party involved with discounted rates & continue to provide Equity Works Analytics the entire time.

Average Turnaround Time
Business Days
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Industry Codes
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