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Role-Specific Solutions

Our Platform Works From Your Perspective

Business Acquisitions, Mergers, Investments, & Instruments all require the same data, but from different perspectives. Whatever your role is in the process, we have you covered with solutions to make your job easier.

Owners / Sellers

Get Your Business The Perspective It Deserves.


Close Deals Faster With A Leading Market Edge.

Buyers / Investors

Make Faster Decisions With Intelligent Data.

Financial Pros

See Vital Business Metrics For Improved Decisions.

Solutions For Sellers & Owners

You Built It. Let Us Show It.

Sell Your Business Faster & More Profitably By Letting Us Show It Off
Attain The Right Exit

We are just as proud of your business as you are, we present it to get you the best outcome possible.

Save Months Of Time

Prospective buyers want lots of data that often takes months for you to get. We get it for you.

Stay Fully Organized

No more digging through emails & paper stacks. Our software keeps track of all documents & communications.

Save Lots Of Money

Valuations alone can cost over $20K, we perform over 95 analytics about your business for a fraction of the cost.

Nice To Meet You

We’ve been in your shoes before & understand how overwhelming it can be to answer all the questions & get all of the documentation that prospective buyers want. In our experience, over 90% of all business owners don’t keep regular financial reports & documentation, & why should they?! You are busy running your business.

We don’t require tons of your time, & our process is fast, efficient, & most importantly, friendly! Our goal is to present your whole business in the best possible way that allows prospective buyers to see the True Potential & Possibilities of what you’ve built.

Here are examples of what we will need from you: (Don’t worry, we can get most of the data with secure access through our Hub.)

Business Overview
  • Ownership, Timeline, Key Events
  • Insurance Policies & HR Benefits
  • Reasons For Selling & Information
  • Overview Of Products / Services
  • Completion Of Analysis Form
Marketing Info
  • Locations List & Timeline
  • Marketing Materials
  • Advertising Copy & Lists
  • Website Access 
  • Marketing Info Survey
Financial Data
  • General Ledgers & Statements
  • Taxes, Financial Reports, 
  • Access To Accounting Data
  • Asset List & Timelines
  • Loan Documentation
Process / Structure
  • Employee List & Timelines
  • Team Member Job Duties
  • Process List Questionnaire
  • Methods For Cost Of Goods
  • Access To Software / Reports
  • Multiple Valuations of Your Business
  • 6 Point Detailed Analytics of Your Entire Business
  • See Improvements for all aspects, not just under-performing areas
  • Central & Secure Documentation Storage
  • Real-Time Analytic Dashboard of Your Business
  • Communication Hub For You, Buyers, & Brokers
  • Make Special Requests & Modifications by Pros
  • 24/7 Expert Support – Exclusive Support Through Your Hub Anytime!
  • Instant Business Upgrade Opportunities At Huge Discounts – Presented  FREE!

Let Buyer’s See Your
Business’s Potential

We Valuate, E-Valuate, & Analyze your entire business & present it seamlessly via our Equity Works Hub that allows you, potential buyers, & brokers to collaborate on the sale of your business.

In the process, YOU also get to see your business in ways that you never thought possible & from perspectives of true industry pros. If for some reason your business doesn’t sell, you will have a complete toolkit of knowledge & options to improve EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR BUSINESS – Included!

Solutions For Buyers & Investors

Get Informed Investment Decisions

Vet Your Business Buying Decisions Faster With Informative KPI Dashboards
See The Entire Business

You gain insight into every aspect possible of businesses for sale for more informed decision making.

Pro-Forma Potential

Get detailed performance models & forecasts of what new ownership looks like for each business.

Intelligent Improvements

See instant improvement KPI’s & offers from expert solution providers that actually increase business value.

Diligence Done Right

Reduce due diligence time with our acquisitional analysis & request further diligence from our team fast.

True Potential

We believe the true entrepreneurial drive is developed through business ownership. Over the past decade, our team has been on all sides – starting, buying, selling, & brokering businesses – which gives us the experience to have a true buyer’s perspective.

We work with you by giving you access to our Equity Works Intelligence Hub that shows you complete analytics about entire businesses for sale. Our analysis isn’t just about financial data, but also in-depth views of how the business operates, relates to customers, process efficiencies, competitive advantages, & much more – all backed by 24/7 Expert Support. You wouldn’t buy a car without looking under the hood – why buy a business without seeing every detail?

Here are examples of what you can see with our Solutions:

Historical Performance
  • YOY Historical Business KPI’s
  • SDE, EBIDTA, & Asset Timelines
  • Taxes, Financial Statements, Etc.
  • Industry Statistic Comparisons
  • Key Event & KPI Timelines
Whole Entity Stats
  • Selling & Overview Information
  • Business Valuations on 4 Points
  • Process, Marketing, & HR Data
  • Complete Revenue & Cost KPI’s
  • Demographic & Geographic Data
Pro-Forma Potential
  • True Pro-Forma Forecasts
  • Growth/Decline KPI Data
  • 1, 3, & 5 Year Predictions
  • Potential Growth Areas
  • Seller Financing Options
Upgrade Opportunities
  • Business Upgrade Solutions
  • Performance Improvements
  • Special Request Solutions
  • Pre/Post Diligence Services
  • Discounted Marketing Services
  • Business Valuations On 4 Different Points
  • Access To Equity Works KPI Business Dashboards
  • Visual Improvements for all aspects, not just under-performing areas
  • Central Communications / Negotiations With Sellers & Brokers Via Hub
  • Detailed, Understandable Analytics Of Each Business For Sale
  • Pro-Forma Prediction Models Of Business Performance
  • Professional Diligence Service Requests By Our Team
  • 24/7 Expert Support
  • Access To Documentation Used For KPI Analysis Of Each Business
  • Special Request Data Sourcing From Our Expert Team
  • Business Improvement Solutions Presented To You – FREE

Save Time & Make
Decisions Simply

Our goal is to make sure you buy the right business for your future.

While money is important, time is everything when it comes to making purchasing decisions. You can stop searching, sorting, vetting, & digging through data to determine KPI’s about businesses for sale, & if they fit into your portfolio of ownership – With Equity Works, you can spend minutes seeing where a business has been & what it can do for you. We don’t believe in “Blue Sky” potential based on biased viewpoints. Instead, our analysis shows you True Pro-Forma Potentials based on validated information.

Solutions For Business Brokers

Boost The Value Of Your Services

Get Value Added Services That Create Win-Win Scenarios For Everyone
Centralize Everything

Keep all of your clients information & communication organized in one place via our hub.

Focus On The Deal

We gather & present all business data analytics for you so you can focus on negotiations & closings.

Vet The Right Deals

Find qualified buyers & sellers faster by seeing business readiness scores & valuations easily.

Add To Your Business

You gain value added services & boost profits through partnering with Equity Works Broker Program.

Ease Your Efforts

We’ve done our homework. After years of speaking with brokers just like you & listening to the issues you face facilitating business acquisitions, we decided to jump in & help!

Most business owners today simply do not have the time, or desire, to gather all of the data needed to list their businesses for sale. The task of attaining all relevant data & presenting it to potential buyers is left up to you – in addition to sourcing, vetting, negotiating, communicating & marketing. 

We work directly with business owners to get all of their data centralized, analyzed, & presented for you so you can focus on more deals, & less on organizing data. You also gain an additional stream of revenue for YOUR business.

Here are examples of what we provide to Business Brokers:

Equity Works Hub
  • Central Portal For All Your Clients
  • Secure Access Permissions To Data
  • Individual Business Dashboards
  • Centralized & Secure File Storage
  • Business-Specific Communications
Marketing Solutions
  • Your Own EquityBroker Site
  • Email Marketing Services
  • SEO & Digital Advertising
  • Special Request Data Services
  • Marketing Product Discounts
Business Analytics
  • Professional Business Valuations
  • 6 Point Entire Business Analytics
  • Business-Readiness Score KPI’s
  • Pro-Forma Performance Reports
  • Business Improvement Offers
Revenue Streams
  • Partner Commission Payouts
  • Sales & Marketing Tools
  • EquityBroker Certification
  • Biz-Ready Sales Commissions
  • Contract Negotiation Services
  • Your own Equity Works Online Hub
  • Set permissions for buyers to view only specific information
  • All of your businesses get their own area inside your hub
  • Give access based upon tasks such as signing NDA’s, or LOI’s
  • Earn high-commissions by utilizing Equity Works’s Services
  • Centralize all of your client documents, data, contracts, & comms.
  • Gain value-added marketing solutions from our partner network
  • 24/7 Expert Support for you and your clients
  • Make improved business presentations to buyers
  • Save time while we source, organize, & present data FOR you
  • Improve client readiness through Equity Works Improvements
  • See multiple dashboards for each of your clients
  • Give restricted access to specific data, businesses, & documents

Become A More
Valuable Resource

Professional Business Brokers are vital in the M&A world today. With nearly 10,000 businesses sold by brokers last year alone, you simply don’t have the time to do all of the pre-listing data gathering needed to keep growing.

Let Equity Works help by becoming an Equity Broker partner & gain a valuable high-earning revenue stream, while also providing top-level business intelligence services to your clients. Our services typically take 14 business days & we work directly with sellers so you can focus where you need to. Have a client that is not ready? We can help with that too!

Solutions For Financial Professionals

Make Improved Decisional Approvals

Quickly Determine Business Feasibility For Financial Products
Key KPI Snapshots

See vital business performance data quickly & done for you analytics relevant to your firm.

Predictable Forecasting

Gain insight into forecast models for business growth & financial requirements in the future.

Feasibility Scores

Make accurate approvals using our visual feasibility analytics for your financial products.

Real-Time Monitoring

Stay informed of business performance in real-time with our business intelligence dashboards.

Analytic Approvals

Whether you are a Financial, Investment, or Insurance Professional – you must have access to vital business data to determine the feasibility of the business to afford, cover, or return the financial instrument / product at hand.

Equity works can give you detailed insights into every aspect of businesses with the perspective of best practices for you, the business, & financial product. We work directly with both you & business owners to determine the type of analysis needed. Then, we gather all data & analyze it for you via your own Equity Works Hub. You are able to see aspects about each business quickly to determine feasibility, rates, & terms of each instrument.

Here are examples of what we can do for you:

Loan / Debt Instruments
  • Business Financial Overviews
  • YOY & Future Cash Flows
  • Current & Historic Debt Analysis
  • Asset Evaluations & Returns
  • Business Valuation Services
Financial Investments
  • Business Historical Overviews
  • Valuations On 4 Possible Points
  • Structure, Process, & Return KPI’s
  • Predictable Growth Forecasts
  • 6 Point Business Analytic Dashboards
Insurance Products
  • Complete Insurance Analysis
  • Coverage Score Requirements
  • Asset Lists & Evaluations
  • Risk Assessment Assistance
  • Prior Claim Determinations
Merger Opportunities
  • Merger / Biz Plan Assistance 
  • Marketing Material Creation
  • Financial Valuations & Futures
  • Pre/Post Diligence Services
  • Feasibility Forecast Predictions
  • Product-Specific feasibility score KPI’s for each business
  • Real-Time business financial & performance dashboards
  • Value-Added Services for your organization to offer to business owners
  • Professional business & asset valuations
  • Insurance coverage analysis & prior claim listings
  • Predictable business forecasting models for approval ratings
  • Fast turnaround times, we work directly with business owners
  • 24/7 Expert Support
  • Access to all documentation used for our analysis
  • FREE marketing tools for you to offer to business owners

See All Options
In One Place

Financial Products seem to be everywhere these days, often needing only 3 months of payment processing statements to approve. However, profitable financial products that are true win-win solutions require more information about businesses.

We source information for you, & present it to you in ways that make sense so you can make profitable decisions faster that don’t tank the businesses you are working with. We’ve worked with dozens of financial professionals over the years, & always prefer long term relationships in our businesses, which is why our goal with Equity Works is for you to do the same.

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